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Sergey Karasev didn’t want to live in New York, so he rented in New Jersey

August 20, 2014 4 comments

Sergey Karasev of the Brooklyn Nets and Russian national team has talked to Nikolay Mysin of Sovetsky Sport.

Here’s my quick translation.

What do you think about your trade?

It’s been over a month, but I still have mixed feelings. On one hand, Cleveland gave me a lot during my first season in the best league in the World. On the other hand, I understand that given the current situation in both teams, including the current rosters, in Brooklyn I have a better chance to start playing. Of course, this is all just on paper for now – nobody guarantees that I will be getting minutes regularly. There’s only one way: bust your back and prove your worth.

And still, in New York you will be playing next to Andrei Kirilenko.

Of course! This is a great plus of this relocation. Andrei is always ready to help on and off the court.

He said that Lionel Hollins will give you a chance to show what you can do.

So far I have only talked to coach for five or ten minutes in Orlando where I joined the team for the last game of Summer League right after the trade. But we didn’t have the time to discuss anything. We will talk in autumn, when I come back to New York from the national team. Then Lionel will let me know what he expects from me. And I will bend over backwards not to disappoint the coach.

Karasev's page from the 2014 Russian national team guide

Karasev’s page from the 2014 Russian national team guide

Did you get to meet David Blatt before you left Cleveland?

Of course. I even practiced a couple times under his guidance. But then that trade happened… It happens in the NBA. Cavaliers were getting ready for the comeback of LeBron James, they needed to clear some cap room. I don’t know if Blatt himself took part in organizing the trade. But after the trade he wished me good luck. We had a great talked, remembered our work with the Russian national team, some of the moments in life… David, he is not just a coach, he is a very good friend.

After staying in Ohio, doesn’t New York scare you with all its temptations, traffic jams and fast paced lifestyle?

Oh, you better not stay in this city for more than two or three days – you get very tired. (Laughs). It’s beautiful and interesting, yes. But I don’t want to live there. This is why I rented an apartment in New Jersey – it’s calm and quiet and it’s close to the Nets practice facility where the team spends 80 percent of the time. Though the place is empty for now, there is no furniture or appliances. I will make myself at home when we are done with Eurobasket qualifiers and I leave to get ready for the NBA season.

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Sergey Karasev and Andrei Kirilenko comment on their reunion in the NBA

Newest member of the Brooklyn Nets Sergey Karasev commented on his trade via his official group at VK social network.

Here is my quick translation:

Hi to all the subscribers of my group.

As you already know, there are changes going on in my career – I am moving to Brooklyn. My agent Andy Miller called this morning and told me that Cavaliers were going to trade me to the Nets.

I took this news calmly, because players getting traded in the NBA is a regular thing. Before the morning practice, Matthew Delavedova came by, we talked and wished each other luck. Club managers came to see me too. But this is not the last time that we see each other – I am going to see the guys from the Cavs again.

It’s a little disappointing that I don’t get to play in Summer League, because tomorrow I’m already leaving for New York for medical tests.

Am I glad or not – time will tell. I am sure that Brooklyn is a good destination, because, as I said before, the most important thing for me is getting playing time. I want to play and be valuable for the team.

The Nets’ roster is full of experienced players who I can learn a lot from. And, of course, it’s really great to be joining Andrei Kirilenko.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Cavaliers fans, all my teammates, team and club management for their support and help during my rookie season in the NBA.

It sounds like Karasev isn’t overwhelmed with excitement, and one can guess why. After being a go-to guy on his team in Europe, he had to spend a season sitting on the bench or in the D-League. He wants to play, and with the Nets’ stacked roster it’s not likely to happen at least for another year.

Still, he didn’t play much for a reason.

Nothing is ever given in the NBA. Got to be patient, work to improve and earn those minutes.

Karasev’s group on VK also reached out to Andrei Kirilenko for a comment on the trade:

— I am sure that this is a great move both for Sergey and for the Nets. Sergey is a young and talented player, a valuable asset for the future of our team. Personally, I am glad that a Russian player joined the team – me and Sergey have a really good relationship. There are many Russians in New York, Brooklyn Nets have a Russian owner, so I thing Sergey will be able to adjust and feel himself at home in Brooklyn.

— You have great experience of playing in the NBA, our younger players look up to you. Will you patronize Sergey in Brooklyn, provide him advice, help him off the court?

— I’ve known Sergey since he was a kid, I played on a team with his father. Of course I will always help Sergey. Idon’tliketheword“patronize”. I played on the Timberwolves with Alexey Shved and always tried to help him, give some advice, but never patronized him. Sergey and Alexey are grown up guys, they know it perfectly themselves what they need to do. There is no way I will interfere in Sergey’s life and I’m even less likely to play basketball for him.

— What do you think about Sergey’s future with this team?

— We have a rather older team, and I think it will be a good experience for Sergey to see the guys from our team in action, to inherit all the good things from them. In a year or two, many of the players will be leaving, and then Sergey will have his chance to take his spot.

Karasev, Shved, Kirilenko

Alexey Shved: ‘I really regret not signing with Triumph this summer’

Alexey Shved has revealed the actual reason for his move to Minnesota: he picked the team out fear of competition.

As Timberwolves’ new guard was answering post-game questions in London, Sergey Karasev, who Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress called the ‘only NBA draft prospect at Olympics’, interrupted his video interview.

Karasev asked if it was the right decision to sign with Minnesota.

Shved didn’t hesitate.

‘Actually, a really regret that I didn’t sign with Triumph. But Karasev plays at my position there, and I didn’t know how to handle this problem’.

In a way that is quickly becoming a tradition for him, Shved followed with ‘but to be serious’ and tried his best to field the reporter’s question. Though it wasn’t easy.

Karasev along with young center Semen Antonov started to howl in the background, and then ‘Big Bad Wolf! – Big Bad Wolf!’ exchange with Shved has ensued.

In a possible attempt to raise his NBA draft stock, Karasev proceeded with a showcase of his balance and soft hands, pirouetting with Antonov in front of camera.

Make no mistake: even though Shved can be somewhat of a goofball and occasionally shows ‘less than super intangibles’ with his appearance, on the court he’s ‘extremely tough and won’t back down from anyone’, as recently confirmed by Timberwolves’ assistant coach Bill Bayno.

Young players obviously went against the will of Russian Prime Minister, who declared ‘no fooling around by athletes’ policy on the verge of the Olympics. But their creative talent helped turn what was destined to be a clichéd post-game interview into so much more.

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