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Alexey Shved: Timberwolves will be fast and exciting

September 8, 2012

Vladimir Mozhaitsev of Sport Express has called Alexey Shved and interviewed him for the newspaper issue that was out on September 7.

Here goes the translation:


Admit it, the bronze medal game against Argentina, when you scored 25 points and made the decisive three-pointer – it was your best game with the national team so far?

I shouldn’t judge. I’m not separating my success from the team’s. Just trying to do my best in every game, to use every moment to the maximum.

In the bronze medal game you have made six three-pointers, but were just 3 for 18 during the previous two playoff games. Why did it happen?

Sometimes it happens. And there’s no use in looking for redeeming factors, something like we moved to another arena. I was doing the same things as always, it’s just that ball wouldn’t go through the rim. But at the same time I tried to make up for my misses by contributing in other areas – dished the ball, battled for the rebounds, was aggressive on defense.

Do you have any superstitions, which help you predict a good or bad shooting night?

Frankly, I do. But I will not tell you, or they will stop working.

By now, when a month has passed since the Olympics – did it sink in what a historic success for Russia those bronze medals were?

Of course it’s great that we managed to get to the podium for the first time in Russian history. Relatives, friends and acquaintances are still congratulating me on that. But life goes on. I hope the national team will have other great victories, and right now it’s time to get ready for the next season.

A season that will be special for you, since you are making an NBA debut. How are you going to prepare for it?

After the Olympics I was mostly having rest. I went to France. Right now I’m in Belgorod with my relatives. I’m going to America in about two weeks.

Are you going to share a flight with Andrei Kirilenko, your teammate?

I think it’s probably going to be different flights.

Did Kirilenko give you any pieces of advice, as an older friend and the most experienced player on Minnesota’s roster – how to make a faster transition to the NBA, in terms of basketball and way of life?

During the Olympics we have mostly talked about other things. While there, we were mostly worried about the national team. I’m sure that Andrei and I are going to have enough time to talk about the NBA in future.

How would you describe Minnesota’s playing style?

We have a very young team. I think we are going to play fast and exciting basketball.

And what can your say about your competitors at guard positions – Rubio, Barea, Roy, Ridnour?

They are great players. Anyway, I need to focus on showing my best skills in the first place.

Did you talk with head coach Rick Adelman about your role on the team?

Not yet. We will talk when I get to the US.

When you visited Minneapolis in summer, before the Olympics, did you manage to see the city?

Yes, and I’ve liked everything a lot. But I didn’t do anything about my place yet; I will get to it when I arrive. I will go to the US with my brother, who speaks English perfectly, and he is going to help me make myself at home there.

Don’t you plan to work on your English too?

In general, I speak all right. I can do interviews without any problems. But, of course, I need to improve.

Do you already which jersey number you’ll wear?

Yes, number one.

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