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Alexey Shved: ’80 percent that I’m in Minnesota next season’

July 14, 2012

Alexey Shved has returned to Moscow and was interviewed today by Anton Solomin of Sport-Express about his trip to Minnesota.  (UPD: extended the introduction to stress it more that I only did a translation of the original interview this time)

Here’s a quick translation:

– It’s early to make a conclusion. Reports saying that I’m definitely going to Minnesota are not entirely true. I didn’t sign a contract yet. Yes, I have visited the club, looked at the way it works and talked to the team representatives. And now I’m back in Russia to join the national team in two days.

– Did you meet Rick Adelman?

– No, he wasn’t there at the time. But I know that he’s a great coach who likes to work with young players.

– What are the chances that you’ll be wearing a Timberwolves jersey start next season?

– I’d say about 80 percent.

– The other 20% are Memphis and Cleveland?

– Not necessarily. Right now I’m a CSKA player. Though, of course, I want to try what I can do in the States. I had several offers from NBA teams, but together with my agent Obrad Fimic we decided to go to Minnesota. Right now Obrad is in Vegas, where the Summer League games are taking place – he’s there to continue the talks.

– Why did you choose the Timberwolves? Is this a club that has shown the most interest, or does it just suit you better as a team?

– Both. The Timberwolves have been watching me, and also it’s a young team that suits me.

– What do you think is your position in the NBA?

– It doesn’t matter. I like to play point guard, and shooting guard as well. So I’m playing wherever coach puts me.

– But Minnesota has both of these positions covered by accomplished stars in Ricky Rubio and Brandon Roy

– It’s all right. In CSKA I also had to fight to gets minutes on the court. Everybody has to go through this.

– A lot of people say that you have to bulk up and also improve your defense in order to be successful in the NBA. What do you think of that?

– Basketball is really more athletic there. If the club says that I need to put on weight, I’ll do it. I’ll try to improve on defense too. It all depends on your desire. If you want it really bad, then everything is going to happen.

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