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New book about the team of Mike D’Antoni’s life

December 13, 2011

Got this in a newsletter from a bookshop where I bought Ettore Messina’s book a few years back:

Head coach of the New York Knicks Mike D’Antoni has appeared in a book that was recently published in Italy.

“And so… Towards a New Adventure!” by the coach Franco Casalini with an afterword by Mike D’Antoni is about Olimpia Milano basketball team. It’s subtitled as: “1978-1990: the team of our lives”, and those are exactly the 12 seasons that D’Antoni spent playing for Milano as one of the top point guards in Europe.

Here’s the description of the book (Google-translated):

“History and especially stories of the golden age of Italian basketball, from the late seventies to all of the eighties. Period that coincides with the construction, the rise and triumph of an extraordinary team: Olimpia Milano in its various names (Billy, Simac, Tracer, Philips).

Mike D’Antoni, Dino Meneghin, Bob McAdoo, John Gianelli, Riccardo Pittis, Antoine Carr, Roberto Premier, CJ Kupec, Dino and Franco Boselli, Vittorio Gallinari, Mike Sylvester, Ken Barlow, Victor Ferracini, Renzo Bariviera, Russ Schoene and others appear to be protagonists in these pages, written in the style and ironic self-mocking Milan coach.

Avoiding the rhetoric of self-affirmation and minimizing the effect of nostalgia, the book is aimed at those who in those days was the younger audience and know Casalini mainly as a TV reporter”

Coach Casalini’s website says the book hits the stands on Dec 1, 2011 and will soon be available as an eBook.

  1. December 14, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    google translation is well done, excpet for “Premier Robert” who is Roberto (name) Premier (surname). Shooting guard and best friend of Dino Meneghin

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