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Timofey Mozgov blogs on his return to Khimki

October 10, 2011

Here’s a translation of Timofey Mozgov’s blog post at Sports.ru Follow me on Twitter for updates. – Alexander

Well-forgotten old

Still, it’s a tremendous feeling – to play shoulder to shoulder with teammates who you have every reason to call your friends. It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve started practicing with my new-old team. It’s super! Hi everyone!))

All in all, right now it feels as if I’ve never left Khimki. I still drive the same roads to practices, I enter the same locker room, I step on the same hardwood that I know very well and there I meet people who I know very well…

Sometimes this feeling seems a bit strange to me. As if NBA was just a dream. And now I woke up. But then I see another piece of news about the lockout and it instantly reminds me of, so to say, the essence of my existence)))

Alla and me have already made ourselves at home in Khimki during the summer. But it turned out we’re still not ready for the winter yet. It gets cold outside, and we don’t have any warm clothes at our apartment. Really, I feel myself like an import player!))) Don’t you find it so? Yeah, I’m saying the same thing – I’m thinking about the freezing weather and buying some proper clothes))

It’s just lockout that upset our plans. One time it’s about the season to start on time, and then it’s not. Then they say the talks will last for half a year, then that the whole season will be cancelled… So here we are guessing whether we should bring our warm clothes here or that we could get along with what we buy there. It seems that we’ll be bringing it, after all.

I feel completely comfortable on the team already. I’ve learned every set play; I got to know and made friends with the guys who I didn’t know before. And right now I can say that we have an amazing atmosphere in our locker room! And I have switched from American basketball to European almost completely. There are some nuances, of course, which still demand some extra attention – it’s not automatic yet. Working the screens, for example. Then I will foul less.

All in all, I feel normal physically. But emotionally… It seems like I can do anything almost with my eyes closed (this time it is automatic). But inside, there’s emptiness. A basketball devastation. There’s a colossal mental fatigue after the Eurobasket. And only now, in this new atmosphere and setting, national team players start to “come alive” little by little.

If you are waiting for me to tell you about the Euroleague qualifiers in Charleroi* – then, don’t wait))) This is already something that’s in the past for our club. It turned out as it did, why should we talk about it now? I mean that everything was already said and clarified not once. And not even twice.

And today a new phase of the tournament starts for us. A new one, with a new set of goals. It’s clear that on paper it can’t be done, but inside you want to start it from scratch, and make new history. The only thing that I remind myself about Charleroi is warm weather and… a strange arena, to say the least, where the court was covered with some fog.

Also, for example, during the second game our locker room was located… outside, inside a trailer. It had all the service, but it still was very much like a site hut. And we made our way inside the arena under a shed.

In conclusion, I say hi to Kayumych**! Just like you asked…))

* Khimki lost the qualifier and will play in second-tier Eurocup instead of Euroleague.

** One of the Mozgov’s blog readers/commenters at Sports.ru, check out the original post to see Mozgov’s photo wearing a hat that the fan gave him.

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  1. October 11, 2011 at 3:27 am

    Good to hear some inside news. it would be even better if you had photos to illustrate.

    25 or something years ago, the spectators in Charleroi or other belgium arena, were allowed to drink beer and smoke during the games. You really did not want to be on the bench as you would receive beer on your uniform and would be out of breath if you name was called.

    Please let us know of similar stories during you season and if you need anyone to come and
    film you getting married, I can fly from Australia. Please check out my website: http://www.lumierefilms.com.au


  2. unknown
    October 11, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    am glad to hear that you are back in your home country and feels the same way before you left.
    can’t wait to see you play basketball in Khimki!

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