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The one with Mozgov’s Vegas wedding

February 28, 2011

This is a translation of today’s post by Timofey Mozgov’s in his blog at Sports.ru (check out the photos from this post there).

Hi friends!

Right after the basketball extravaganza in Los Angeles I started to prepare a post for you, which I never managed to finish in time. I guess now you understand why. There’s so much hassle going on that I just had no energy to write the last several paragraphs – no physical, no emotional energy left. Now the situation has stabilized a bit so I can go back to that topic.

Some time has passed already, but I decided not to rewrite anything according to chronological order. I’ll just put a label on this post – so to say, “Works that went unpublished. In time”)) So read my original version…

… Let me try and guess. You are waiting for my impressions from the All-Star Weekend in Los-Angeles. I understand that. But to tell the truth, at that same time I had my own no less fabulous weekend in Vegas – me and Alla… got married!!!)))

We didn’t make a secret of our plans, but didn’t want to spread the news either. So right now you will be among the first to learn about it. It looks like this blog post is a real media excusive))) So, I’ll share my impressions with you.
I’ll tell you right away: it turned out to be really fun! Because it was spontaneous. Now, of course we were going to Vegas with a goal set)) I proposed to Alla about a month and a half ago. At home, but in a very romantic setting. So, the way it has to be done))) And we wanted the wedding to be beautiful too. But…

We’ve checked in at the hotel. Talked to the concierge and asked for the addresses of churches. We went to check it out, but weren’t excited about any of them. We came back to the hotel. We have explained the situation and in response heard that everything could be done even right there at the hotel. Of course we were really happy! We’ve checked out a couple more halls and chose an open place with the summerhouses. But that was when the most interesting part started)))

Having decided to run the ceremony the next morning, we started to ask about the documents. In a few days Alla had a trip to Moscow already scheduled. So we needed to get the marriage certificate right away. And here’s what they told us. “If you marry tomorrow, on Saturday, there’s an off-day on Sunday. Then, on Monday, they will send it to you to New York by mail. It will arrive in about ten days or so”. They said it used to be possible here in Vegas to marry in one day, anytime 24 hours a day. But later that rule was canceled.

Of course it didn’t suit us. There was only one way out of it. It turned out, if we carry through with everything today, then we can get the cherished document tomorrow. Literally abandoning everything, we jumped into the limo dressed right as we were. Me – in a tracksuit, which I was wearing to look around the city. Alla – not in a white dress either)))

I guess Alla didn’t dream of her wedding since childhood to be like this)) But, trust me, to plan everything, to make it more thought-over here, in the NBA, with those off-schedule of unplanned events would be just impossible. Any time you can be called up to another clinic or a PR event. So, if you have a day off it can be like you don’t have it. So in the end we were happy that we didn’t marry in New York on the go, between the games, but made a special trip somewhere and have this ceremony.

By the way, we were never going to bring a big crowd. We wanted to spend a weekend together, just two of us. So people who knew about the wedding were only the closest friends – parents and a few friends. Of course, during the off-season we are going to bring together all of our dear guests in Russia. We really want to party and celebrate this event the way it should be done. Only we don’t know where exactly. Alla’s friends and relatives live in Moscow, and my parents in Krasnodar. So we’re thinking about it!

So we jumped into the limo and went to that exact chapel where Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Frank Sinatra, Demi Moore, Britney Spears said their vows… We started to take pictures. And then… Of course it couldn’t go without any adventures now – camera battery ran out. Somehow we managed to make a couple shots. The rest, we had to take pictures with a mobile phone))

The ceremony itself has reminded us a lot of… going to a McAuto!))) Right in our limo we drove to a certain entrance. The driver has put down our window. There a special guy was already waiting. I need to say, that that character (he’s definitely not a priest, but it’s hard for me to call him any other way) had a remarkable appearance. But he great country of United States has given him the necessary privileges, so he looked inside the window and proclaimed us to be wife and husband! What do you want – this is Las Vegas))) That’s how!)))

Later we’ve left the car eventually, to take pictures on that nice alley. By the way, we don’t have the rings yet. Only Alla – the one from the engagement. We’ll make them for sure a bit later.

Then we managed to walk around Vegas a bit. During those days we went to Cirque du Soleil and tried the famous rollercoaster. There is one, the one that is really high and goes right through a hotel. We’ve checked the legendary casinos. Even tried it to feel what it’s like to be a gambler))) Of course, we bet only a very small amount. Maybe that’s why we ended up making a whole of 700 dollars))

If I knew that a surprise like that trade was lying ahead, I would go from Vegas right to Denver… (((

But we have returned to New York and went back to consulting with the lawyers. By the way, their services here are terribly expensive! First, they are settling all the paperwork so that our marriage is recognized everywhere in the world. Second, Alla is taking my last name. Only she will do it in Russia, because in the US last names are not declinable. So in order for her not to become Alla Mozgov we will go through this procedure at our homeland.

By the way, thank you very much for he greetings – I’ve read your comments under the news piece! See you soon, friends. Your really grown-up, family man Tima Mozgov)))

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  1. urya
    February 28, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    We all miss you here in NY.
    I’m sure you are still feeling uneasy and adjusting from the trade and so are we…
    Anyway, great decision and sounds like you two had an adventure!!
    Still a fan of Timofey Mozgov wherever you are!
    Good Luck.

  2. February 28, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    Congratulations on your wedding! May you become a star with Denver. Remember, practice hard.

    Steve Hirsch

  3. Ian
    March 1, 2011 at 6:57 am

    you commenters don’t seem to realize that this is a translation on someone’s blog, Timofey Mozgov will not be reading your messages…

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