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The real Timofey Mozgov’s blog

October 29, 2010

Good news! Timofey has joined the long list of Sports.ru celebrity bloggers, where basketball is already represented by Andrei Kirilenko, coach Ettore Messina (who writes great stuff in English) and beautiful Team Russia star Ilona Korstin (she writes great stuff in Russian), among others.

I wrote a sort of a translator’s disclaimer in my previous post, and that applies here too. I’m blogging here in my free time, so it’s done fast and wordings can be sloppy. Don’t use is as quotes for in-depth psychoanalysis!

Mozgov’s blog, by the way, is titled “Brainstorm” – “mozg” in Russian means “brain”. Here’s what the Knicks center has brainstormed for his first post:

Hi friends,

I’m starting to adapt to staying in the States little by little. Now I can finally breath out. I am happy to fulfill the request by the popular website and I’ll be writing my blog here. This is great! Thank you for the offer! I’ll try not to disappoint you.

A lot of things in America will be new to me. I promise that I’ll share it here what impresses me the most. I think it will be interesting to you to learn the inside works of the NBA together with me. By the way, leave the comments about what you would like to read here. You already know it – you’ve seen our schedule – it’s constant flights here. There’s almost no free time. But I have bought an iPad for myself, and now for just 25 dollars per month I have unlimited internet access anywhere in America)) That’s something!

So, let’s go!

My first week in the States was just terrible. I can barely recall it, all the memories are clouded. I was getting tired like mad! But I’ll tell about it another time.

Right now I’m writing to you from a hotel in Toronto. Recently our first game of the season finished, we are resting and getting ready for the trip to Boston. Friends and acquaintances are calling, texting and sending me emails, congratulating on my NBA debut. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for me to reply. So, taking advantage of the opportunity, I am thanking them here – thank you very much for your support! It’s good to feel that people at home support you.

We won. It’s cool to start the season with a win. That game was hard. Chandler did well, he became our top scorer. Amare helped a great deal down the stretch. Of course, the team respects him. I think you have seen that during tough moments players turned to him on the court.

I knew it for sure a week before the game that I would get to start. But, as ill luck would have it, just before leaving to Toronto I got a bruised hip. As it often happens, the injury occured in a completely normal situation. Douglas was driving to the hoop and I moved to help on defense. He jumped and crashed into my leg with all his strength.

I saw it that the newspapers reported I was questionable for the game. That was a bit of an exaggeration. Doctors treated me right away. Like at my previous team, BC Khimki, they had everything on hand, right at the arena. They treated me for an hour before the trip, and then for another hour when we arrived. By the tip-off I was back to feeling normal physically.

But emotionally I burned out, of course. I understand it now when I cooled down. Actually, it was more not like burned out but too geared up. You know when I’m like that I can get into foul trouble. So it happened again. I went out on the court, got two fouls, returned to the bench. It felt like I had cooled down, but then I came out again and got another two fouls. Of course I’m angry with myself. But the coach is cheering me up. He told me not to be frustrated, that it was just the first game, that I should just continue working without worry. Said that it’s not a catastrophe that I got burned out this time, staying focused in the future is what’s important. Though he didn’t guarantee me a starting job for the Boston game)) But to tell the truth, I didn’t ask about it.

In general, I am struck by the reaction to game results. I heard about it a lot, that in the NBA the price of each game is not as big as in Europe, but when I faced it in person… It felt somewhat unusual… People lost a game, went through the mistakes and forgot about it. This feels a bit strange. Probably this is how adaptation shows itself…

We’ve recently faced Raptors in a friendly game. I’ve heard it that in preseason games NBA teams try to keep some of their secrets. But it’s hard to tell what exactly was different between that game and this regular season opener: same packed arena, the show, and same serious battle on the court…

I had to guard Bargnani. But in a framework of team defense, not personally. There was a lot of switching and help defense… Coach cultivates playing team basketball in us. And it becomes easier for me each day. Of course, I’m not there yet, but now I understand more of what’s expected from me. And, more importantly, how I should do it, how to switch to American style. Every moment of the game here happens at a completely different speed.

  1. Joe
    November 1, 2010 at 7:24 am

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I think this blog is very interesting. Please keep it going, it is very good thus far. Thanks for the work.

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